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CPR Certification Card Verification

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

The American Heart Association (AHA) currently offers training centers/instructors two types of course completion certifications to choose from:

  • eCards

  • Printed wallet-size cards

Both are valid forms of certification. By December 2019, all AHA training centers/instructors will be transitioned, by the AHA, to offering only eCards to their students.

Because there have been cases of counterfeit CPR certification cards being issued, it is necessary that employers/credentialing specialists learn how to spot fraudulent CPR certifications. Unfortunately, many never receive this kind of training. Here is what you need to know.

  • eCards: Employees may print their eCards in certificate or wallet-size form to present to employers/schools. Each eCard contains a unique eCard code that employers input into the AHA eCard Search website to verify certification authenticity.

  • Printed wallet-size cards: Printed cards contain security features that help employers differentiate authentic cards from counterfeit ones. Posted below are snapshots from the AHA Course Card Reference Guide.

I have not heard of counterfeit certification cards being a problem here in the Valley, but it can very well happen. Employers, if CPR certification is a required credential for employment, please make sure certification cards are legitimate by verifying them. Employees, please ensure that you seek out AHA certified instructors by going to the AHA Find A Course website.

To report CPR certification fraud please contact the American Heart Association at: 1-877-AHA-4CPR (1-877-242-4277) or send email to


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